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School Year 21-22 Scholarship Recipients

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Congratulations to the following HASD students!

The Virginia W. Strait Music Award

  • Michael Cantrell

  • Carson Cramer

Dean Rossi Scholarship

  • Mary Tietjens

  • Jacob Everhart

Kevin Kidd Memorial Scholarship

  • Kaitlynn Kester

  • Mikhail Krayushkin

Harold Cameron Scholarship

  • Mason Somers

  • Alaine Albaugh

The SKD Award

  • Marius Russler

  • Madison Dixon

Top Row: Madison Dixon, Mason Somers, Misha Krayushkin

Middle Row: Marius Russler, Mary Tietjens, Jacob Everhart

Bottom Row: Kaitlynn Kester, Carson Cramer, Michael Cantrell

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